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Life Assurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Income Protection, Mortgage & Business Protection

Life Assurance

Family Protection – In the event of your death you need to consider the financial SECURITY of your Family.

There are many life assurance products to choose from and Colm Dunne (Financial Broker) can provide invaluable advice on which product best suits you.

Because of the many different types of life assurance products available in the market-place it is important to discuss specific requirements with an “Impartial, Professional Advisor” to ensure that the cover put in place is the most suitable and cost-effective to your individual needs.

At Colm Dunne (Financial Broker) we will advise on the level of cover required and both the correct product and the length of time for which the cover is required.

Income Protection Insurance

Is designed to provide you with an INCOME should you be unable to work due to Sickness, Accident or Injury.

You can cover for up to 75% of your income, with the benefit of TAX RELIEF on premiums.

Premiums can be paid by individuals or employers and may be available on an individual policy basis or can be included as part of a pension arrangement.

Costs are based on the level of cover chosen and occupation type but are usually a lot cheaper than you might think.

Income Protection Insurance

Critical Illness Protection Insurance

If you have the misfortune to suffer a critical illness in your lifetime (you have a 1 in 4 chance of suffering a serious illness before age 65) it can also have a devastating effect on your capacity to work, resulting in additional stress and financial difficulties.

By taking out Critical Illness Protection you can at least be assured that you will have an INCOME should you suffer such an illness.

Available as a stand-alone policy, it can also be included as part of a Family protection Plan and is often included in mortgage protection arrangements and can be very cost- effective.

Business Protection Insurance

Many problems can arise for a business when a PARTNER or KEY employee is out of the picture due to death or serious illness. Some of these problems can be alleviated with adequate financial planning. Providing the funds to allow options and choices to be made by all the parties concerned.

Arranging adequate Business Protection Insurance is the only way to ensure that funds will be available in a cost efficient manner to ensure the continuity and the survival of the business.

You will insure your buildings and contents, surely you should insure the most important people in your business. You know it makes sense.

Business Protection Insurance

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